Admission Information

Thank you for your interest in Mater Ecclesiae Academy. We invite you to consider how we may serve you in your own homeschooling of your child(ren). Please find below the steps of our admissions process.

  1. First, we invite both parents learn more about Mater Ecclesiae Academy by reading about our Mission & Philosophy.
  2. Sign up for an Informational Session (fill out the form below).
  3. Fill out the Admission Application Form.
  4. Mail the completed Application Form and attachments for each student. The attachments needed are as follows:
  • Application fee ($80 per student or $240 per family)
  • Family photo (photocopy okay) with the child being applied for circled
  • A copy of each applicant’s birth certificate
  • A copy of each applicant’s baptismal certificate
  • Two writing samples from the past year (for grades 2 – 6 only)
  1. A family interview will be held for the purpose of determining whether Mater Ecclesiae Academy’s services meet the actual needs of the family, as determined by family expectations, educational needs of the child, and complementarity of the homeschooling instruction delivered at home with Mater Ecclesiae Academy’s instructional model and curriculum. After the family interview, you will receive notice of acceptance.

If you have any questions, please contact us. Thank you.

Informational Session Registration

  • Select the session you plan to attend; date and location are subject to change if necessary, we will follow up with you if this happens.
  • Please provide first name, age and current grade of each child (one per line)
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.