Parent Information

We are overjoyed that you have chosen to be a part of this mission, and indeed, this mission which is in the first place to give glory to God, has its second and subordinate intention in finding its terminus in your good, and the good of your students. Thus, our mission of giving glory to God and honor to His Blessed Mother is to do so also by partnering with you in giving that same glory to God through the endeavor of providing an excellent and enriching classical education to your students, your children.

Dress Code

As stated on our parent-handbook, MEA has a clear dress code for students, faculty, and staff. A dress code encourages self-respect, respect for the educational enterprise and reverence for God by teaching that God and the truth deserve the best they have to offer.

You can find the MEA dress code on the FrenchToast website. Our dress code should appear using the link, but if not, click “Shop by School” at the top of the page, then enter code QS5MMIX in the “Search School Code” field.

Weekly Assignments