Dramatic plays and Poetry recital are a very important part of MEA student’s life. They are not only enrichment in the classical curriculum but equip the children in the development of memorization and rhetorical skills therefore enable the student to acquire rich language.

Voice and movement challenges students to learn and use the power and expressiveness of their voices and bodies when conveying thoughts, moods and character traits. They learn theater games, vocal projection techniques, and improvisation skills.

Production and design teaches students the basics of the technical side of theater. The students learn about costuming, props, and set design. They collaborate on the set design and construct costumes and props for their showcase performance on the End-of-the-Year Party.

The nascent stages of our drama department came to fore in the spring performance of Pandora’s Box on June 4, 2016, by which play the students participated in expressing this version of the age-old tale of the fall of humanity.