Is MEA a co-op? Do the parents have to teach or stay there?

No, we are not co-op, and parents drop their children off in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon.

Who teaches?

We believe teaching is a vocation given by God to glorify Him, so besides holding qualifications in correlation to the subject(s) taught, our teachers must be open to God’s call to teach. Also, our teachers and staff are trained by us in the philosophy of classical Catholic Education.

How does it work?

Students attend MEA one or two days a week and then have the blessing of working at home with their parents on the other days. Parents will be given a weekly pacing guide of the daily lessons to be completed at home.

So, am I not on my own on the other days at home?

No, besides receive the assignments describing the books and pages to be completed you may also contact the teacher for any support which you think you may need.

For which grades do you offer partnership?

We offer partnership (classroom-based instruction) once a week for kindergarten through second grade, and twice a week for third grade through eighth grade.

Do you have field-trips?

The field-trips are organized by parents.